Dirk van Dulmen

Since 2014, Dirk works as a Storyboard artist & Beat Board artist focusing on feature animation. 
Based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, from where he works out of his home studio.

You can contact me directly at:

Represented by:
Ellen Ann Mersereau, Esq.
(323) – 461 3316

Virtual Story Workshop

From Idea to Story Pitch.
A hands-on 1 day workshop, where Dirk will introduce the participants to the beginnings of story structure and the story development process. From here the participants will develop, write and draw their own short story.
We will end the workshop with a pitch session where everyone shares and pitches their story to the group.

Get in touch with Dirk to book a Virtual Story Workshop.

    Virtual Guest Tutor

    A talk where Dirk will share about his experience working as a storyboard and beat board artist on feature length films, TV series and commercials.
    During this talk he will touch on the principles he uses when drawing storyboards, explain how and why he studies film and show his process and workflow in the form of a storyboard demo.

    Interested in booking Dirk for a Guest Tutor talk?